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HR Essentials

From employee handbooks to terminations, we will work with you to make your HR a breeze.

HR Essentials

Our team of experts offers support Canada-wide. Allow us to help set you up for success in any of the following areas.

Employee Onboarding

Our team can help you establish an onboarding process that protects your business and helps to clarify the relationship with your employee. We will develop key tools for you including employment contracts, offer letters, job descriptions, and more.

Employee Management

Know the limitations on hours of work, overtime provisions, vacation requirements, terminations, and other legislation impacting your employees. We will help you navigate difficult employee situations and provide you with the resources needed to effectively manage your team.


A great business requires the right employees. We will take the time to understand the needs and culture of your organization and will customize the recruitment plan based on your timeline and objectives. Our team of experts will help you create your dream team.

Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees can be detrimental to your bottom line. Our team will take a hands-on approach to identify the employee disconnect and will develop a plan tailored to your business that will help you improve engagement and maintain a productive and effective workforce.

Employment Standards Legislation

Employment standards legislation varies by province and can be difficult to navigate. Our team of accredited HR professionals can help you find the information you are looking for Canada-wide.

COVID-19 Legislation and Protocols

Let us help you navigate these difficult times with legislation updates and recommendations on best practices, safety protocols, and other helpful tips.

Performance Management

Reward or correct employee behavior using effective employee assessment tools. We can develop a performance management plan that will help you align your business strategies with individualized goals.

Employee Policies and Handbooks

We will work with you to create customized employee policies and handbooks to help you onboard your employees with ease. Our team of specialists will conduct annual policy and handbook reviews for you and keep you informed of any necessary updates.

Human Rights Resources

Are you dealing with allegations of workplace harassment or worried about a potential human rights complaint? Our team can help; from equity and inclusion to violence and harassment complaints, we have the resources you need.

Newsletter Updates

Monthly HR and health and safety updates will be emailed to you to keep you informed.

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International Client HR Services

Turn-key support to acclimatize your international business to the Canadian HR legal environment.

International Client HR Services

Canadian labour laws can be complex to navigate. We will help acclimatize your international business to the Canadian HR legal environment and help you engage top talent without borders.

We can support by “Canadianizing” existing international policies and procedures to comply with applicable provincial labour legislation. 

We offer complete, turn-key HR support for international clients. Learn more today!

Health and Safety

Get the information you need to keep your employees safe and avoid potential fines.

Health and Safety

Businesses have obligations to their employees to keep them safe in the workplace. Not meeting the appropriate standards can be both costly and dangerous. We can help you feel confident about your health and safety program by providing…

Health and Safety Manuals

Provide your staff with the necessary resources to ensure everyone stays safe on the job.

Legislation Updates

We can help you stay on top of health and safety legislation in your province/territory.

Risk Management Assessment

We will provide recommendations to reduce health and safety risks associated with your business.

Introductory Training

Establishing health and safety procedures can be complex and tedious. We can help you develop procedures that work for your day to day business and train you on how to manage them.

On-Call HR Support

All of your HR questions are answered in one simple phone call.

On-Call HR Support Canada-Wide

We offer personalized support services for any of your HR needs. Unsure of compliance requirements or how to handle employee issues?

Speak with one of our accredited HR professionals today!

HR Launch

Let us build your HR department from start to finish. All you need to do is run it!

HR Launch

We offer a customized HR program tailored to your organization and industry. Our accredited HR professionals will put their years of experience to work to build you a plug and play HR system.

All you need is someone to run the program or we can do it for you.

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